How to easily add value to your home

One of the easiest ways to add resale value to your home in Denver is by upping the curb appeal. What does a person see when they look at your house?

Are the windows clean? Is the Sidewalk swept and yard raked?

Is the landscaping kept neat and visually appealing? A nice flowerbed will catch the eye of a potential buyer and you'll be able to squeeze a few extra thousand dollars for minimal costs upfront.

The next easy curb appeal strategy is, you guessed it, redoing your fence. We're not just saying this because we are a fence company, we're saying this because when that family who's looking to buy your house comes and looks at your house and the kids are running and excited for the backyard the first thing they are going to care about is the fence and the safety of their kids and any pets they may have. Does your fence lean or have gaping holes? These are going to draw the eyes of a buyer and their first thought is going to be that their dog is going to get out or the fence will fall over in the wind.

If a buyer doesn't just walk away because of a failing fence than they will request it to be done anyway. Why not do it before they request and get a little profit from the process.

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